Durex Play Warming Intimate Lubricant to enhance the experience

Now, the Sh! girlz know we werent going to mention Christmas again til December but honest, ladiez, its in a very good cause.his year, for the first time, Sh! is planning to offer Gift Giving For Girls Charity presents where 100% of the price goes straight to good causes close to our hearts.h! will be supporting:ACCM (UK)ACCM UK. £10 will help train an ACCM (UK) Champion, who can support young women who are victims of female genital mutilation and forced marriage in the UK ben wa balls , a vital service that gives these women access to a trusted advocate. £30 will enable ACCM (UK) to run a workshop educating men from migrant and BME communities about the harmful practices of FGM, FM and domestic violence a crucial step in helping put a stop to these practices in their communities. The Albert Kennedy TrustThe Albert Kennedy Trust£50 can help train a volunteer mentor, ensuring that each young lesbian in our care can meet with a positive role model to help her through her difficulties.For just £20, you can help provide advice and a safe and secure home for a night for.

Bit special, try using a warming lube like Durex Play Warming Intimate Lubricant to enhance the experience.Warming lubes are water based, non-staining and warm on contact with skin for a slippery and warm experience between the boobs.Alternatively you could try a lube like Stroke 29 Personal Lubricant which changes texture with every thrust of his shaft.f you're combining some oral play with a tit wank you can always try flavoured lubes or Chocolate Body Paint dabbed on the end of his penis for some added flavour!Positions for titwankingPractice makes perfect so try out different positions depending on your flexibility, penis size or chest size.Some positions work best for a smaller penis and others best for big boobs discount adult toys ! Remember, you're going to get messy.Before you start, discuss whether you'll embrace the pearl necklace when he finishes or ask him to move away before he on TopFirstly, have the female partner lie flat on her back.The man should then kneel around the waist of the woman, with one leg either side of her torso.Have her push her boobs together.Once you're ready, begin thrusting between her breasts.This is an effective position if you've got smaller boobs, or if the man prefers to be dominant.oman on TopWith the man flat on his back, the woman should kneel so that one leg is between his thighs and the other is on the outside of his legs.Push your breasts together as you lean fo.

say it, a lot more fun).ut it's great to see someone pitch in with some great, succinct advice: "ubble wrap and ice pack quite good"eanwhile the Sex Toy Scientist has a video on his YouTube channel showing how to make a Fleshlight-style toy.The Masterchef-meets-Brainiac demonstration is mightily impressive, not least because he's doing everything one-handed (because he's holding the camera with the other hand, potty brain).With nigh-on 700,000 views it's obviously jo h2o a topic that there's a lot of interest in..<

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