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Today is Leap Day! This date occurs only once every four years. Also known as Sadie Hawkins Day, it is traditional for women to be allowed to propose marriage to men on Leap Day. If the man refuses the proposal, he is to pay a penalty in the form of a gown or money. So, ladies, do you fancy a particular man and you want to sex toys online make your feelings known? This is the day to do it!

If youre going to chase down a man and force him to be your One And Only, you may have to restrain him. He may even like th.

I ravaged him as my thanks. Very fun and easy to do if you can find a beach that no one else is at.

The Pool Boy

Obviously, you need to have a pool boy for this one. I had my man dress up in nothing but a pair of shorts and some sandals and told him to start cleaning the pool. I literally fell right into the role of this one. He’s so hot with his shirt off, that I just spent 30 minutes starting at him from our sexy guys 2nd story window imagining what I was going to do to him. I walked out with a glass of lemonade and proceeded to put the moves on him. Of course, he didn’t stop me. It was the first time I ever had poolside sex.

The Running Hiker

I love to run, but he definitely doesn’t, so I took this idea out of his love for hiking. I ran down the trail, while he was running up. I pretended to have to stop as I crossed paths with him, seductively bent over, and tied my shoe. He grabbed me from behind a.

I went to grab it before it hit the ground and mortally wounded myself in the process.Carmen Luvana's arse sheared a layer of skin anal toys off my thumb and required emergency plaster-based surgery.As you can see from the photos, it was pretty bad.This is the kind of danger we here at my blog face every day! Tomorrow a Clone-A-Willy might spontaneously combust, but these are the risks we take to bring you the best sex toys in all the land..

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